Sunday, October 3, 2010

June Score Update

I love to find a Game and Watch, but I think I paid $15 and it's kind of beat up. Just had to be done. Sealed 'Duke' Xbox controllers are a good find 10 years out. Sort of.

I love that Soul Sauce 8 track long box. Nobody wants it on eBay though. No accounting for taste on teh intenets, eh?

Those Mensa cards are a bitch. Favorite item in this pile are those old tan Apple // paddles on the right. I'm happy to pick up PS2 Singstar discs for karaoke fun. Supposedly those discs integrate with Singstar on the PS3.

It's like a box of Nintendo stuff. X-com is much loved by many, so I figured I'd pass that on. I can't remember what I paid for that R-zone handheld you can barely see, but $2 would have been too much.

Those Avalon Hill Bookcase Games don't get much cash anymore if they are punched, aside from a few titles like Rail Baron. I think Flight Leader is still sitting in my eBay store after 3 months.

Not a bad month.

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