Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Scours

Did the markets this morning, came up with a few fun items. Some boxed GBC. A nice condition pong (that I don't think I have yet). Not pictured: deodorant, SNES Batter Up controller boxed and double disk 80s compilation, darnit! Rapman, empty PAL PSX (although Silent Hill is the only one with a disc), and Lion King are from another day. The flea market season is welcoming me kindly, even if it doesn't really start for a month.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March Score (more to come)

March post

When I say, that Thrift had enough Quesadilla makers to fill a McMansion, is that a good thing or a bad thing?




Classic scenes


Stuff, oh wonderful stuff.

Thrifting is a trivial pursuit:

Naive artwork:


Oooh 'lectronics.



Naked boy!

Scenes from Arizona- Bad Omens


February Score

Feb Score


Old game informers, served as a nice place to stuff that Fallout 3 map. Choose your own adventure library hardback edition for dems kids. Stack of 3DO jewel case games. I don't know much about these, I just buy what I don't already have. And some Playstations stuff with a few good titles like Super Puzzle Fighter II and Parappa the Rappa. The modern D&D set was too cheap to pass up. I looked inside and it has markers (little paperboard playing pieces) which I hate when they are punched because it sucks to count them. Perhaps I can pay my kids a quarter to count them, accuracy be damned.

Thriftporn (1)
ECA Ski or Die, pre-EA. Can't help myself. Can't decide if I should keep it. The Battlechest was $1.80, why not?

Thriftporn (2)
Close up on CD titles I got. Fun! Most will be keepers.

A few weeks ago I saw this hunk of utter crap that I couldn't resist. If I don't keep it, Bohus will get a kick out of it. It came with some overpriced ($6 for the bag) Atari controllers. At least they work with minimal effort.Thriftporn hotkeys
Thriftporn hotkeys (1)
Thriftporn hotkeys (2)
Thriftporn hotkeys (3)
The models are the best. They are screaming "my cap is to da side" and "ice ice maybe". I guess pastels didn't make it to the place they were photographed yet. And I like the grubby hands on the cover. I think I see some hangnails.

What to Expect When You're Thrift Shopping

What to expect when you're thrift shopping.

What to expect when you're thrift shopping.


Tiny TVs


Tortila (sic) Cooker


and Bobble Hedz


I'm not buying so much because I'm not shopping so much, so I might as well take pictures of what I'm seeing 'in the field'.

December Score

December score

The DDR is sealed, which is nice. I had to do some serious talking to get the Indian lady at the thrift store to sell me those manuals. I'm sure I overpaid, but it was the thrill of the argument. PC games, Genesis, Gameboy. A few novels. Clearly I buy too many games.

November Score

November Score

Hot Lixx, DOA, standing in from of the dead stuff pile. One of the only toy guitars from the 80s worth messing around with. RIP.

Thriftporn (1)
I've got bags under my eyes. Loot pile. Let's unload it shall we?

Thriftporn (3)
Sega channel loose. Genesis = garbage when priced over $5. Free wood dice fished out of the garbage bin with permission. I don't know why!?

Thriftporn (4)
Insert thrift store bags here.

Thriftporn (5)
Atari days are few and far between. I'll take these half off.

Thriftporn (6)
Boxed Pocket Rockers. Just for the 80s Fisher Price font. I'll be giving this to a friend. And DDR in the big box for Xbox. Star Wars math for my kids.

Video games are my interest, but I'll take posts related to anything excitingly cheap.

This is a few weeks work, maybe hitting about 6 shops in a week, whenever there is a little spare time and a shop nearby. Gone are the days when I can make a 3 hour run and hit 6 shops in a run.

First Post

First post: ThriftStoreArmy is where you post your *interesting* thrift scores. Link to your scores in the comments and I'll pick the interesting stuff for the front page. Short comments may be included. Anecdotes appreciated. Serialized anonymous usernames starting with 'thriftshopper' recommended. Avoid geographic localization. Thrift shoppers are paranoid, so don't encourage them. 'People of thrift stores' pictures are also appreciated.

This post is from 11/2009. This blog was moved from typepad because after using it I decided it sucks.