Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apple II Paddle Adapple

Being in lust with Apple ][ lately, I'm grabbing lots of the stuff wherever I can recently. I especially like items sold originally in baggies. 

One incomplete item I found was the manual and jumpers for a device called the Paddle-Adapple from 1981, which allowed you to extend and modify your Apple II or Apple II+ gameport. Fortunately I was able to find one of these devices on eBay and complete the set. I guess I still need a 16 pin extension cable, but at least I have the instructions that tell you how to use the jumpers. I figured I'd post a few pictures for anyone that needs the info on how to use this 1981 peripheral.

How to buy a laptop in 1989

From the Computerland laptop buyer's guide 1989. I'll agree that at that time, the perfect laptop had yet to be invented! That plasma screen was pretty amazing for it's time.