Monday, May 31, 2010

Flea markets make me so happy.

This first set is a mix of flea market and Economy Shop score. The video games and the Atari carts come courtesy of flea market action.

If I didn't collect Playstation these days, I wouldn't find much.

The Synsonics Drums I have to keep since that yellow label says something about 'pro version'. I'm such a pro. I already have the (now apparently amateur) other version. The Fidelity Chess game actually has two game cartridges in it in addition to the complete game. Unfortunately, that means I may have to keep that too. Cartridges are crazy!

With those Game Boys I got earlier this month to get rid of, I need some common Game Boy games to bundle with them. Nobody buys a Game Boy without a Tetris. Seriously!

That N64 controller box is empty. That's how I roll. I'll buy your box. That Seras Basketball handheld I consider a great score, although not particularly valuable. It has a rebranded version of a very early Bandai sports LED handheld game. Basically it randomly picks what happens for each play, and it doesn't keep score. Two dials in the game are manually operated for that. It's no wonder the skill and coordination based Mattel sports handhelds (Football, Football II, Basketball, Hockey) were much more popular.
Giant discs? I guess these are 12"5gb optical platters used in some recently outdated optical drive Sony made. Hopefully I can sell them for cashola, since having them around is a waste of space. I was hoping they'd be giant vintage floppy discs for some mainframe. Apparently not. I have two of these blue free formers already. One of my favorite vintage boards to ride. Perhaps it will make a good gift.

The clear green N64 stuff from two different vendors. And I don't know what that Sega silver box is from, but it says Prima games (noted guide publisher) on back. I'll have to do some research. Pocket Simon I had to keep since it's different from the one I have. It's like a Noah's ark of collecting here!

Continuing saga of wonder May!

Piling piling piling up! Found some 2600s lately, this is just one of 'em. I didn't look closely enough, but it's pretty dirty. I doubt it would have changed my mind.

Love as well as Rockets for $1? Why not? Those Dreamcast fighters are fine score. In with the CDs but they still charged me $5.

Another day, another thrift. I couldn't resist these old punk tapes from classic labels like Dischord and Epitaph. They were 5/$1 so if I can sell 4 for $5 each I'll be good. Game Boys galore too!

Except that those two on the left aren't quite Game Boys. They are Dr. Boys! The naked pink one goes to Bohus. They seem to only play one LCD game, although the case is a fine replica of the real deal. And neither of the real Game Boys have screen lines, a common issue. Yay!

This NES set had some fine common games like both Zeldas, all with instructions and another copy of How To Win At Super Mario Bros. And I can't resist and Intellivision, even with a little wear, for $1.80. It works fine, just need to find someone reproducing those metallic stickers on the controllers to make it look finer.

Overview of some mid-May score. Not bad, I say.

These loose discs were cheap enough for me to deal with resurfacing them. Hot Keyz is so undervalued it hurts. This was a spare so I sold it. $30 may not be enough to buy more since they have a high failure rate and battery rot inside rate. I could buy 3 to get at one good unit. But I can't resist them. They look great and sound even better.

Lush's Spooky for $1 to go along with my obsession with playing De-Luxe on drums on Rock Band.

This is all sealed Xbox! I love sealed Xbox. Not worth much, but I think I paid a little under $5 apiece.

Early May was good to me. Hello spring!

May turned out to be a productive month for me in the city of weather.

That Game Boy tap is sealed. Strawberry Shortcake game for my daughter. And Sonic books. Edutational!

Van-Halen-o-rama! At $2 apiece, I'll take the whole pre-1984 library. Turbo-touch for SNES. Clearly the progenitor to the iPhone.

That AudioVideo magazine has a great CES piece with lots of classic games and computers. That pong system has the box and was made in MA. Why does that make it better for me?

Simon says "Sell me". Rap man, rap. And sealed Viewmaster reels from the 50s and 60s? Couldn't resist. Maybe I'll send a pair to Billy Galaxy?

Some catch up pix from late March.

Got me a Dark Tower! Always makes for a good day. Tower not worky, but perhaps I'll send it off for repair.

Saving the Playmobil and Lego for my kids as they're both new. It's hard to resist you, Merlin!