Monday, May 31, 2010

Continuing saga of wonder May!

Piling piling piling up! Found some 2600s lately, this is just one of 'em. I didn't look closely enough, but it's pretty dirty. I doubt it would have changed my mind.

Love as well as Rockets for $1? Why not? Those Dreamcast fighters are fine score. In with the CDs but they still charged me $5.

Another day, another thrift. I couldn't resist these old punk tapes from classic labels like Dischord and Epitaph. They were 5/$1 so if I can sell 4 for $5 each I'll be good. Game Boys galore too!

Except that those two on the left aren't quite Game Boys. They are Dr. Boys! The naked pink one goes to Bohus. They seem to only play one LCD game, although the case is a fine replica of the real deal. And neither of the real Game Boys have screen lines, a common issue. Yay!

This NES set had some fine common games like both Zeldas, all with instructions and another copy of How To Win At Super Mario Bros. And I can't resist and Intellivision, even with a little wear, for $1.80. It works fine, just need to find someone reproducing those metallic stickers on the controllers to make it look finer.

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