Saturday, April 10, 2010

November Score

November Score

Hot Lixx, DOA, standing in from of the dead stuff pile. One of the only toy guitars from the 80s worth messing around with. RIP.

Thriftporn (1)
I've got bags under my eyes. Loot pile. Let's unload it shall we?

Thriftporn (3)
Sega channel loose. Genesis = garbage when priced over $5. Free wood dice fished out of the garbage bin with permission. I don't know why!?

Thriftporn (4)
Insert thrift store bags here.

Thriftporn (5)
Atari days are few and far between. I'll take these half off.

Thriftporn (6)
Boxed Pocket Rockers. Just for the 80s Fisher Price font. I'll be giving this to a friend. And DDR in the big box for Xbox. Star Wars math for my kids.

Video games are my interest, but I'll take posts related to anything excitingly cheap.

This is a few weeks work, maybe hitting about 6 shops in a week, whenever there is a little spare time and a shop nearby. Gone are the days when I can make a 3 hour run and hit 6 shops in a run.

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