Saturday, April 10, 2010

February Score

Feb Score


Old game informers, served as a nice place to stuff that Fallout 3 map. Choose your own adventure library hardback edition for dems kids. Stack of 3DO jewel case games. I don't know much about these, I just buy what I don't already have. And some Playstations stuff with a few good titles like Super Puzzle Fighter II and Parappa the Rappa. The modern D&D set was too cheap to pass up. I looked inside and it has markers (little paperboard playing pieces) which I hate when they are punched because it sucks to count them. Perhaps I can pay my kids a quarter to count them, accuracy be damned.

Thriftporn (1)
ECA Ski or Die, pre-EA. Can't help myself. Can't decide if I should keep it. The Battlechest was $1.80, why not?

Thriftporn (2)
Close up on CD titles I got. Fun! Most will be keepers.

A few weeks ago I saw this hunk of utter crap that I couldn't resist. If I don't keep it, Bohus will get a kick out of it. It came with some overpriced ($6 for the bag) Atari controllers. At least they work with minimal effort.Thriftporn hotkeys
Thriftporn hotkeys (1)
Thriftporn hotkeys (2)
Thriftporn hotkeys (3)
The models are the best. They are screaming "my cap is to da side" and "ice ice maybe". I guess pastels didn't make it to the place they were photographed yet. And I like the grubby hands on the cover. I think I see some hangnails.

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  1. haha ... the keyboard looks amazing :D


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